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Why re-write an article, because many of Trek’s practices are becoming more disgusting. Moreover, he caused me a lot of problems. And when this kind of thing happens to any one person, there is a feeling of being cheated. What I think is to give some advice to later people. Give newcomers some advice.

There is no exaggeration in this article. You can go to the car shop and try it out. . . Even if it may be in trouble with the car shop. Because I don’t feel happy if I don’t write!


Due to the comparison of food, fear of heights, and the fear of grading, I sold the tcr adv and wanted to change the disc brake.

First talk about fitting: find someone to understand,

  • Lightning went to the Beiyuan store and asked, 1680, first of all need to choose the frame.
  • Rotary didn't ask for details
  • Trek's is 1500. Then I asked if it was dynamic, the owner said yes.


Under the influence of a friend, I want to buy a Trek and change my taste. But I went to the car shop, watched the car, and tried to get out of the car and wanted to buy it, but the funds were limited. Communicating with the owner is to buy emonda alr 5 disc. Then it is said that if you buy a car, fitting8 discount, car 9 discount. Then I asked if there are other discounts? The owner said no. When I heard it, it was okay, dynamic, and it was cheaper together. Then I made an appointment for fitting next week.

Go to fitting at 1pm, then less than half an hour, finished! ! ! I feel cheated, but I don't understand. Then fitting and car money are paid together (car 9 discount, fitting8 discount)

Then I went home to chat with the rider and told me that I could get the car at a discount of 7 and I passed 10,000 horses at once. When I thought about it, an invoice was fine, but it was still uncomfortable! After all, thousands of dollars! Then I talked about fitting, and they all said that I was cheated, and fitting was done in less than 3 hours.

Detailed fitting process

Let me walk around for a while, observe, measure the ass, then measure the egg height, lie down to see how the legs are flexed, the tail vertebrae, the flat brace, and the lock shoes. Put it on the table, then posted a few dots (paper dots), and then it was gone. . .

  1. There is no result report, just the height of the seat, the width of the handlebar, a piece of paper, this piece of paper will not let me take away! It is said that in the future, if they load the car, they do not have a list, and they are really not electronic. I feel that they are lost now! I can only take pictures to stay.

  2. I didn't mention my foot shape, arch of the foot, and degree of flexion of the legs. I didn't do these things! ! ! I talked about my size 44 shoes, and then there was no measurement, just listened to me, and then jot down! There is no professionalism!

  3. During the test, the offensive posture, rocking car, and prone are not tested! ! !

  4. Without any personality analysis, just follow the steps to measure.

These 1,500 flowers are really not worth it!

The technician said:

  • Say that if your feet are not good, try not to adjust as much as possible. If the adjustment is not good, I am a 10,000 black question mark? ? ? If anything has room for correction, shouldn’t it be corrected as much as possible?
  • Then there is what the handlebars let me try my best, I am 10,000 question marks again? ? ? Let me save money, this contradictory, the meaning of fitting is to spend less money in the future, the accuracy of the measurement, then what do I fit doing! ! !

Conclusion: Change a 155 cushion and a handlebar. . .

Follow up

I called the official, no one answered, and I could only send an email (I forgot that I sent the email and no one answered it, or the call was ignored, and the customer service contacted me)

Some compensation was given, but I actually wanted a refund, but people didn’t agree, huh, huh. I still don’t agree with the compensation, and then give it again, really, hey!

  • A primary maintenance voucher
  • An intermediate maintenance voucher
  • A fitting voucher (I think there is a problem with fitting, give it back to me, and then say it to my friend? Am I so pitted?)
  • Membership card, after buying a car you can get 8 discounts, it seems that I forgot.
  • A top

In fact, I have never been satisfied with the compensation plan because

  • The money I finally saved was gone, and then I didn't get any benefits, and it hurt the newcomers. Do you say I can trust your fitting? Believe your data? Believe in your car? I have to do a new fit, there is no gap without comparison, and it is dynamic. I don’t know how you all deceive consumers.
  • After buying the car, tell me that if you buy a car up to 15k, you will get fitting for free. It is a feeling of being cheated. It is really disgusting to you.
  • Trek 8 discount, find someone, or 7 discount, no invoice, x tax x tax! All know, and then take the goods directly from the warehouse, pit zf money, x tax, nb, (not to mention anything else here), and then get a rebate. But your official, really is disgusting, it is the feeling of the stall watch stand. Although I don’t necessarily have a detailed understanding of other Giants, Lightning, there must be acquaintances to get the goods, but it will not be lower than this discount price (the uniformity is really a hundred times stronger than Trek)
  • Fitting is still not recognized as not dynamic and no refund. I still have to measure the shape of my feet now, which leads to a non-standard drawing of circles and problems with my knees! Super wearable! Measure the body yourself! This year, the fitting data is really incomplete and there is no reference.
  • Trek’s primary maintenance can’t be seen because the flywheel can’t be cleaned. They will not apologize, without a humble attitude, they will often quibble that the primary maintenance is like this. Really, I don't need you to maintain the bearings, at least, clean the car!
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